Helping You Cross the Divide…

For more than 36 years, Michael Maglaras & Company has helped its clients cross the great divide between insurance and self-insurance.

Michael Maglaras & Company is the preeminent firm in the United States in the creation of health care liability captive insurance companies…in all their forms and in all their uses.

We have pioneered approaches to the transfer of risk for hospital systems, individual community hospital facilities, physician groups, health maintenance organizations, and others. These approaches, originating first within our firm, have now become the benchmark of excellence in the captive industry, supporting the risk financing and risk management programs of tax-exempt as well as taxable facilities.

Using innovative structural approaches to maintaining risk, transferring appropriate risk to the reinsurance or excess insurance market, and most importantly creating an environment in which the providers of health care can safely and efficiently return to what they do best, which is the practice of medicine… our company is internationally acknowledged as the leader in its field.