Effective Internal Claims And Risk Management Programs

At Michael Maglaras & Company, we have more than thirty years experience in creating effective and completely internalized health care liability claims management and risk management programs.

With retaining risk in significant amounts comes the responsibility to manage risk more effectively, create “Risk Ambassadors” throughout the organization, and foster a non-punitive and collegial system combining asset protection and patient safety.

Retaining risk in significant amounts also means an effective and fully-internalized claims management system: a system where the software used to collect, collate, and tabulate claims data may be outsourced, but where all aspects of the management of the claim itself…from the triaging of the first incident report, to the consideration of the matter as a potentially compensable event, to the establishment of a claim reserve…is under internal management and internal accountability.

Lastly, now that we are in the era of Accountable Care, where we cannot afford the luxury of silos between Risk Management and Quality Management…Michael Maglaras & Company can be instrumental in creating the pathway needed to push what we learn from the incident report, or the claim settlement, vigorously into the quality improvement stream.

We have been doing this for more than thirty years. We have the experience and the knowledge to assist you in the successful internal management of the risk and claims function.

For more information, please contact: ttempleton@michaelmaglaras.com