Who We Are

Michael Maglaras & Company is a division of A.E.M. Holdings, Ltd., and is an international insurance consulting firm specializing in providing insurance program consulting advice, including self-insurance feasibility testing and other alternatives to traditional insurance programs for a variety of health care and other clients.

Michael Maglaras & Company was founded in 1988 by its Managing Principal, Michael Maglaras.

Since then, the Company has been providing specialized insurance consulting and risk management services which emphasize a high degree of self-insurance and the pre-funding of anticipated loss.

Michael Maglaras & Company specializes in physician and hospital medical professional and general liability, long-term care and assisted living, workers’ compensation, product liability, and all forms of the self-insurance of employee benefit programs.

We are a firm of consultants and underwriting managers. We bring expertise, objectivity, and a fresh and analytical perspective to what we do.

Click here for a video message from our founder and Principal, Michael Maglaras.

For more information about what we do and how we do it, contact: ttempleton@michaelmaglaras.com