Our Senior Consultants

Over a thirty-five career, Michael Maglaras has personally formed more than 145 captive insurance companiaboutimagees in all the major domiciles throughout the world. These companies include some of the first companies formed under the Federal Risk Retention Act of 1986, as well as captives formed for major health care organizations, Fortune 500 companies, and trade and professional associations with members throughout the United States.

Michael Maglaras was active in forming four of the original physician-owned insurance companies operated by state medical societies. He currently serves as a member of the board of directors for a number of captive insurance companies formed to insure the risks of taxable and tax-exempt health care and continuum of care insurance exposure.

Michael Maglaras has served on the Advisory Board of the World Captive Forum, as well as on the boards of many other industry and trade organizations, such as the Vermont Captive Insurance Association, the Captive Insurance Association of the District of Columbia, and the Connecticut Captive Insurance Association. As a frequent speaker and lecturer on captive industry matters, he regularly speaks at national and international meetings before organizations as diverse as the American Medical Association, the American College of Cardiology, the American Institute of Architects, and the German Risk Managers Forum.

To contact Michael: mmaglaras@michaelmaglaras.com


Nancy-BuddsbwNancy Budds brings a wealth of experience to Michael Maglaras & Company. For more than 30 years, Nancy has combined solid expertise and deep insight into the management of health care liability risk, health care liability claims management administration, and the management of information systems supporting coordinated expectations and risk management functions. Nancy knows how the inside of a health care system works. She has provided her consulting advice and guidance to many of New England’s most prestigious and leading-edge health care institutions. She brings special expertise to the management of risk inside the architecture of a captive insurance company program. Nancy Budds is considered one of the leaders in her field. To learn more about what Nancy does and to reach her directly, please contact her at: nbudds@michaelmaglaras.com