Review Of Existing Program Structures

As a firm of independent consultants, we regularly appraise property and casualty insurance portfolios and certify the integrity of these portfolios for compliance with debt covenants and for reasons associated with regulation. We also provide insurance program analysis and commentary, which includes written work product aimed at improving asset protection and the streamlining of complex property and casualty insurance programs. Because Michael Maglaras & Company does not accept commissionable assignments, we bring a high degree of objectivity to the process of program analysis and improvement.

In addition to these services, our firm is frequently retained to assist corporate insureds with insurance broker selection. We are skilled in the conduct of Requests for Proposal for brokerage services and can implement an effective RFP process for these services, which results in the choice of the broker charged with the placement of the portfolio on competitive terms and with the ultimate interests of the insured in place.

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